Fly Casting Lessons Free   

Forty eight years of stream side experience from the

United States to New Zealand.  Now with my retirement I am

enjoying fishing on uncrowded week days and in my spare

time giving free casting lessons to the public at Bear Creek

Greenbelt, in south Lakewood, Colorado near the Stone

House at the intersection of Estes and Yale.  Equipment

is include, featuring Powell rods and Galvan reels with

matching lines and four through ten weight rods.




My teaching philosophy is not rigid, but I do have a abiding respect for Lefty Kreh and his modern fly

casting philosophy.  My only claim to fame is casting ninety plus feet with a nine foot five weight rod with five weight forward line this is not really much of an accomplishment in itself but I add only the following commentary.  That includes casting ninety feet of fly line both right and left handed with both the forward and back cast.  But as I always tell each client distance casting is like golf you drive for show and put for dough.  The essence of casting is the ability to deliver the required presentation in less than ideal conditions.

My contacts,


Phone 303-988-4404